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Periodontal scaling and root planing, also called or know as non-surgical periodontal/gum treatment or "deep cleaning", is a program utilized to treat periodontal disease of various stages to prevent or aid in periodontal surgery. Our program is most commonly a three visit program that is  that is widely successful when done following our treatment and follow-up recommendations. Our program is done with anesthesia (either local or topical) and will clean above the gumline, below the gumline, on the tooth surfaces above the gum, and the root surfaces below the gumline removing food debris, plaque, calculus, and infected and inflamed gum tissue to get a clean, sterile environment for the gums to begin to get healthy. We also utilize antibiotics when needed, prescription mouth rinses, home care instruction, and any other special dental aides necessary to get your gums healthy and to keep them healthy.

Kevin L. Ragsdale, D.D.S., P.C.

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