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Implants are titanium tooth- root- shaped structures that are placed in the upper jaw or lower jaw to replace a missing tooth, replace multiple missing teeth or to help stabilize and retain a partial denture or full denture.Implants allow for removable (full dentures or partial dentures) or non-removable (crowns and bridges) treatment to be done.Dr. Ragsdale refers to two periodontists (gum specialists) with whom he has been working for over 20 years

Implants are composed of two treatment phases: the first phase is done by the periodontist and that is the placement of the implant into the bone at determined sites and to allow for healing of 3 to 6 months.

The second phase is after the healing phase is completed and this is the restorative phase. Dr. Ragsdale does this (restorative) phase and has been restoring implants for 25 years.Dr. Ragsdale and his staff see every day how implants positively effect their patient’s quality of life, confidence, and smile. 

Kevin L. Ragsdale, D.D.S.

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